Connemara Marble and all its history

Connemara Marble and all its history

Connemara Marble
Our quarry has a long and deep history.  A small spiral stone pendant of Connemara was found in Newgrange which is over 2500 years old.
Connemara marble decorative axe heads have also been found in other ancient archaeological Irish sites. These finds prove up that our quarry has been in existence for over 2000 years.

More recent owners of the marble quarries include Grace O’Malley, a tribal chieftain who regarded herself as an equally to Elizabeth the 1st., and they negotiated as equals in London in 1600.

Richard Martin owned the quarries between 1750 and 1850 and did some extensive quarry improvements. He is famous as the M.P. that founded the ‘Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’.

Later in the 1800’s the quarries were owned by the Berridge’s, who owned the largest brewery in the world in London, England at the time. They sold it to Prince Ranjitsinhji, who ruled a vast country in India. He was also the most famous cricketer of his generation.

The current Joyce’s eventually took over the quarries in the mid 20th Century.  Connemara Marble represents promises a future because it has had so many pasts.

It is in fact a piece of Art...the art is in the colour and variegation of veining, which is unique to each piece.

The harmonic vibrations in this olivine rich gemstone is at one with the natural rhythms of the human body and seems to enhance the vital energy of those that wear it. 
Connemara Marble
We use wire saw technology to extract the marble from the Quarry face. We select some blocks to go for large project in slab form.
We select by hand the blocks with the rich Gemstone quality marble for our Jewelry.  This is then taken to the workshop where it is cut into pieces suitable in size for crafting into Jewelry.
Once it is cut it is scrutinised carefully to ensure it is free of any natural flaws that could be exposed during the polishing process. Our Jewellers then transforms it into what you see on our website.
If you love quality handmade Celtic Jewelry with Connemara Green Marble then browse our shop now. 


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